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Technical Tire Info

Technical tire info

26″ and 700c wheel

We want to provide some technical tire info since we use a full size bike tire which is unusual in the trailer industry.

Full Size Wheels for a Better Ride

CycleTote bicycle trailers offers two standard sizes of wheels, the 26 inch mountain bike wheel, and the 700c road bike wheel.  Usually, customers purchase a wheel and tire that is the same size as the the ones on their bike.  That way, they only carry one type of tube. Custom trailers that use a 20 inch wheel can be purchased by calling us.

26″ or  700c wheels provide better rolling resistance, acceleration, and shock absorption than tiny trailer wheels.  This gives you a better ride, especially when carrying extra weight.

What is Resistance?

Rolling Resistance: Rolling resistance is the energy lost when the tire is rolling, typically caused by the constant flexing of the tire where it touches the road.Rolling resistances is a controllable factor whose effect you can limit when riding a bike.  Four factors affect the ease of pedaling a bike.

Air Resistance: Air resistance rises squared, not linear, with increased speed. At a straight-line

CycleTote full size wheels

Trailer wheels stored on ceiling

speed of 20 mph, on a flat surface, air resistance is the main force slowing you down.

Gravity: When riding uphill, the main  force to overcome is gravity.  The rider exerts more energy  to accelerate or climb.

Friction Resistance: This is found in the chain and all of the other moving parts of a bike. In a well-serviced bicycle, these represent a very minor part of the total resistance.

What Factors Affect Rolling Resistance?

Tire pressure: Higher tire pressure means the tire deforms less causing less rolling resistance.

Tire diameter: Small diameter tires have a higher rolling resistance at the same pressure. The contact area for wide and narrow tires at the same pressure is the same but the shape of the narrow tire, long and skinny, allows for more flexing of the sidewall. Still, narrow tires deflect more and deform more.

Tire Construction: The less material used, the less material there is to deform. Additionally, the more flexible the material is, the less energy lost through deformation.

Tire Treads: Generally, smooth treads roll better than coarse treads. Tall lugs and wide gaps of mountain bike tires create more resistance.  Because of this, we offer a fairly smooth version of the 26 inch tire.

Why Do Professionals Ride Narrow Tires if Wide Tires Roll Better?

  • Wide tires roll better at the same inflation pressure but narrow tires can be inflated to higher pressures than wide tires. However, this usually results in a less comfortable ride.
  • Narrow tires have an advantage over wide at higher speeds as they provide less air resistance.
  • Above all else, a bicycle with narrow tires is much easier to accelerate. The rotating mass of the wheels is lower and the bicycle is much more agile.


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Sue Talks about CycleTote in this Video


Sue and Tim purchased CycleTote 6 years ago, but the company has been around for more than 40 years.   Sue talks about CycleTote in this video. In it, she answers Ann’s questions  about the company.

The original owner of CycleTote created the first trailer for his kids.  Over the years, we expanded into trailers for all children, even those with special needs.  The current line up contains  trailers for dogs and cargo.  Many of our customers use their trailer for touring, frequently traveling between 5, 000 to 15,000 miles with their trailer.  The largest trailer has a large expanded aluminum box that is used by landscaping crews or just as a way to carry tools.

Colorado Made

CycleTote manufactures trailers in our shop in Fort Collins.  This shop has been CycleTote’s home since the mid 80’s. It hold saws, benders, grinders, a welder and numerous hand tools.  Each part of the trailer has a specialized jig that lets the fabricators make the part quickly.  Over the years, the jigs have been frequently updated and adjusted.

Each trailer starts as a ball of aluminum.  The mill we work with in Colorado Springs draws out the tubes and rods, the delivers them to us in 16 foot long lengths. Once the 16 foot lengths are delivered, we then cut the correct length for each project and mark the tubes and rods for bending.  Each trailer also needs a small amount of bar stock which becomes wheel drop outs and hitches.

In the shop we have two different benders.  Each one does a specific set of jobs.  For the base of the trailer, we bend 3 continuous loops that have a single weld in each to close up one loop.  Much of the strength inherent in the trailers comes from these overlapping loops.

After bending, the fabricator makes sure everything is true and ready for  welding.  Then, the welder assembles and welds the parts using a TIG welding process.  The base of the trailer becomes one solid, sturdy piece.   The crew finishes the frame  by attaching the frame to any of its extra pieces and cleans off any soot created while welding.

Finally, the trailers are wrapped in a high quality, water resistant fabric.

Sue talks about CycleTote in this video

You can watch the short interview that Sue and Ann recorded in March of 2017, were we chat about the company.  If you have any questions about CycleTote trailers or our company, please call 1-800-747, use the contact page,  or email




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Organize Your Trailer with Zipper Pouches from Green Guru

Keep your gear organized with zipper pouches from Green Guru made from upcycled inner tubes

Combine organization with a love of the environment with water resistant zipper pouches from Green Guru made from upcycled inner tubes. These nifty pouches keep essentials from getting lost in your Cycletote Bicycle Trailer.

Mid Size

For example, with the Mid-Size Zipper Pouch you can carry phone, tools, cash, and any other small belongings. I can fit an inner tube, two CO2 cartridges, a tire lever, small patch kit and an inhaler I like to keep with me. I either throw (or clip) it into the trailer or stuff it in one of the pockets of my jersey.


Mid Size Green Guru Zipper Pouch

Mid Size GreenGuru Zipper Pouch with tools


Need to carry more gear like a small multitool such as the Crank Brother Multi – 17 or the Park Tool WTK-2 Essential Tool Kit or a larger patch kit? Go with the Large Zipper Pouch. The Large  can also protects your sunglasses, pens, or small hand tools.

Large Green Guru Zipper Pouch

Large GreenGuru Zipper Pouch with tools



Going to carry yet more gear such as a small tire pump and some tools? The Grand Zipper Pouch is the solution. In addition to being 1/3 larger than the Large, the Grand is built with a soft fabric liner that protects electronic devices, first aid kits, tools and more.

Grand Green Guru Zipper Pouch

Grand GreenGuru Zipper Pouch with tools

Designed to be simple and stylish storage solutions, all  of these pouches are made from upcycled bicycle (mid-size and Grand) or truck (Large) inner tubes.  so your stuff stays protected and dry.

Each of the water resistant pouches come with a handy loop so you can clip it to the inside of your CycleTote Bicycle Trailer (clip/carabiner not included). The zipper has nylon teeth and a zinc slider.

Like CycleTote Bicycle Trailers, Green Guru Zip Pouches are made in Colorado.

In-Stock Sizes

6.5 L x 4 H 0.75 D in. (165.1 x 101.6 x 19.5 mm)
19.5 cu. in. (316 mL)
2 oz. (56.7 g)

5.5 H x 7 W x 0.75 D in.(139.7 x 177.8 x 19.5 mm)
21 cu. in. (340 mL)
2.5 oz. (71 g)

6 H x 9 W x 0.75 D in. (152.4 x 228.6 x 19.5 mm)
28 cu. in. (450 mL)
3.7 oz. (105 g)

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Easy Attach Bottle Mount and Cage

Avoid dehydration with extra water. Use an easy attach bottle mount and cage

Ensure you have enough water with an easy attach bottle mount and cage. Clamp-on bottle mounts from BiKase, ProblemSolvers and a lightweight Water Bottle Cage from Sunlite are great additions to your bike and trailer. Dehydration is a real problem when you discover additional water is hard to find or you’ve misjudged how long you’ve been out riding with your friend.

Thinking about summer rides with your pet or human companion? Then plan to not run out of water. Hydration is critical and the two water bottles that most bikes isn’t enough. Therefore, make sure you have enough fluid for you and your passengers. Add capacity with a cage bracket that clamps onto your bike or trailer!

Kayuh has enough water with her easy attach bottle mount and cage

Kayuh rests easy in the Canadian Rockies knowing there is enough water for her and her humans.

Solution: easy attach bottle mount and cage

The BiKase mount is made of durable engineered plastic and comes with inserts to adapt to tubes of different sizes and and rotates to accommodate bike or trailer tubes at any angle. Alternatively, the ProblemSolvers mount is made of aluminum and has a nifty hinging mechanism to adapt to different size tubes and mounts on horizontal tubes. For flexibility, both lightweight mounts are easy to attach and detach with a phillips screwdriver and a 4 mm allen (hex) wrench.










Additionally, both mounts have shims to protect your bike or trailer from scratches.


The BiKase Cage Bracket fits tubes from 22 to 32 mm (7/8 inch to 1 5/16 inch) diameter. ProblemSolvers solution fits tubes from 22.2 to 25.4 mm (7/8 to 1 inch). Mount your standard water bottle cage to either mount and voila! Don’t have an extra Water Bottle Cage? Order a lightweight black Sunlite Water Bottle Cage with your mount.

Cycletote Bicycle Trailers use 7/8 inch tubing, so attach a mount to any tube not covered by fabric.

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