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A New York CycleTote

 Andrew and his children use their bike and trailer almost daily in New York city.  The trailer lets him take his children to school and then ride to work.  Andrew says, “I got the trailer because I had to stop biking to work when the kids got back into school.   It meant a subway ride with two kids and a difficult time taking a bicycle for my return home trip on a crowded morning rush hour subway.  Trailer-ing them to school allows me to bike them to school, and then bike myself home in the afternoon, since their mom picks them up.”

For many, the idea of bicycling in New York  sounds frightening.  “NYC cycling is fun, crazy and sometimes a little mean,” explains Andrew.

Riders in NYC

New York City’s Dept. of Transportation does an annual bicyclist count at 21 locations for 18 hours. Averaging the three summer counts, they estimate that over 45,000 people bicycle on an average day.  Since the year 2000, the number of cyclists has quadrupled.  The bike accident rate is only three injuries per 500,000 rides. Riders have increased, accidents have decreased.


Andrew had to become creative to turn his ride from a simple outing to a fun workout.  He says  if you want at least a little exercise on a bike in NYC, you really have to work hard in stop and go traffic.   “Meaning you stop, then bike as hard and as fast as you possibly can before you hit another traffic light.  We bike as fast as we safely can which is close to 30 mph downhill.  So it’s bike fast and STOP FAST! The brakes on the trailer are a big, big safety feature here.”

Williamsburg bridge (800x584)

“Most people smile and give you a thumbs up when they see you with kids on your bike or trailer,” Andrew says."A trailer that is a bright, visible yellow blob also helps."