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Technical Tire Info

We want to provide some technical tire info since we use a full size bike tire which is unusual in the trailer industry. Full Size Wheels for a Better Ride CycleTote bicycle trailers offers two standard sizes of wheels, the 26 inch mountain bike wheel, and the 700c road bike wheel.  Usually, customers purchase a wheel and […]

Organize Your Trailer with Zipper Pouches from Green Guru

Keep your gear organized with zipper pouches from Green Guru made from upcycled inner tubes Combine organization with a love of the environment with water resistant zipper pouches from Green Guru made from upcycled inner tubes. These nifty pouches keep essentials from getting lost in your Cycletote Bicycle Trailer. Mid Size For example, with the […]

Video of a Dog Enjoying His CycleTote Ride

In this video, a dog enjoying his CycleTote ride, entertains us.  We watch him ride down a very steep hill.  He and his owner live in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.  While he is an amazing dog, having a dog who loves his CycleTote is very common.

Food Runners Biking Food

With the help of their generous donors, Food Runners of San Francisco purchased two new CycleTote trailers to move food in the busy city center from restaurants, groceries and businesses to local donation sites.  For the past 27 years the food has been going from those who have too much to those who need it. SOMA San […]