Hitch for the Axle Tow Bar

Hitch for Axle Tow Bar
Axle hitch for attaching trailer to bicycle's wheel axle.

Hitch for the Axle Tow Bar

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Replacement hitch for the axle tow bar. This hitch attaches at the rear wheel, not the seat post. Attach the hitch at the hub of the bike wheel. Remove the wheel's skewer, add the hitch, and re-secure the skewer in place. The solid steel hitch can stay on the bike and the tow bar connects quickly to the hitch. Learn more below

Replacement hitch for the axle tow bar.

It is ideal to keep a hitch on every bike you will use with the trailer. They take up very little space, are affordable and save time.

The hitch is made of coated, cast steel.