Hitch - Seat Post Attachment

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Our unique Seat Post Hitch attaches to the seat post of the bicycle and is available in 6 sizes.

Once attached to the bicycle, it remains in place.  Then simply slide the ball joint into the small hole on the hitch and secure it with the hitch nut. In a few seconds, the trailer is secured to the bike and ready for a ride. 

Attaching at the center of the bicycle gives a more stable ride. The ball joint rotates freely for a wider arc of motion without off-balancing the bicycle and rider. 

What is your seat post size?

  • It will be a metric number, stamped on your seat post near the bottom, usually between 26.0 and 39.2.  Or you can measure your seat post diameter with a caliper.

If you cannot connect to your seat post » and want a wishbone style tow bar that attaches in the center consider a rack hitch.   

If you want to attach on your rear wheel at the skewer.

*If your old hitch had a ball attached to the hitch, you will need to also purchase a Ball Joint Upgrade.

** If you need to do a Ball Joint Upgrade and you also have the Automatic Braking System,  you will need only a ball joint and a hitch nut.  If confused, please call us at 1-800-747-2407.

*** Your hitch size isn’t listed: Choose I don’t know under hitch size, and we can talk before or after you place your order.  

Hand Made in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.