Hitch - Seat Post Attachment

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Our unique Seat Post Hitch attaches to the seat post of the bicycle. It is available in 6 sizes. Simply slide the ball joint into the small hole on the hitch and secure it with the hitch nut. In a few seconds, the trailer is secured to the bike and you are ready to ride. We hand make every hitch in our Colorado shop. Learn more below.

Attaching at the center of the bicycle gives a more stable ride.

The ball joint rotates freely for a wider arc of motion without off-balancing the bicycle and rider. 

  • It will be a metric number, stamped on your seat post near the bottom, usually between 26.0 and 39.2.  Or you can measure your seat post diameter with a caliper.

If you cannot connect to your seat post » and want a wishbone style tow bar that attaches in the center consider a rack hitch.   

If you want to attach on your rear wheel at the skewer.

*If your old hitch had a ball attached to the hitch, you will need to also purchase a Ball Joint Upgrade.

** If you need to do a Ball Joint Upgrade and you also have the Automatic Trailer Brakes,  you will need only a ball joint and a hitch nut.  If confused, please call us at 1-800-747-2407.


Choose I don’t know under hitch size, and we can talk before or after you place your order.