Easy Attach Bottle Mount and Cage

Avoid dehydration with extra water. Use an easy attach bottle mount and cage

Ensure you have enough water with an easy attach bottle mount and cage. Clamp-on bottle mounts from BiKase, ProblemSolvers and a lightweight Water Bottle Cage from Sunlite are great additions to your bike and trailer. Dehydration is a real problem when you discover additional water is hard to find or you’ve misjudged how long you’ve been out riding with your friend.

Thinking about summer rides with your pet or human companion? Then plan to not run out of water. Hydration is critical and the two water bottles that most bikes isn’t enough. Therefore, make sure you have enough fluid for you and your passengers. Add capacity with a cage bracket that clamps onto your bike or trailer!

Kayuh has enough water with her easy attach bottle mount and cage

Kayuh rests easy in the Canadian Rockies knowing there is enough water for her and her humans.

Solution: easy attach bottle mount and cage

The BiKase mount is made of durable engineered plastic and comes with inserts to adapt to tubes of different sizes and and rotates to accommodate bike or trailer tubes at any angle. Alternatively, the ProblemSolvers mount is made of aluminum and has a nifty hinging mechanism to adapt to different size tubes and mounts on horizontal tubes. For flexibility, both lightweight mounts are easy to attach and detach with a phillips screwdriver and a 4 mm allen (hex) wrench.










Additionally, both mounts have shims to protect your bike or trailer from scratches.


The BiKase Cage Bracket fits tubes from 22 to 32 mm (7/8 inch to 1 5/16 inch) diameter. ProblemSolvers solution fits tubes from 22.2 to 25.4 mm (7/8 to 1 inch). Mount your standard water bottle cage to either mount and voila! Don’t have an extra Water Bottle Cage? Order a lightweight black Sunlite Water Bottle Cage with your mount.

Cycletote Bicycle Trailers use 7/8 inch tubing, so attach a mount to any tube not covered by fabric.