About Us

Since 1976 CycleTote has been a family-owned business sharing our love and knowledge for bicycling and the outdoors through our hand-built bicycle trailers.

Hand made in Colorado

Every one of our trailers is individually hand-made in our workshop in Fort Collins, Colorado, our home for thirty years.

The CycleTotes you see are built  using technical expertise in metalworking, sewing, and fabrication. Embedded in all the tubing, fabric, and moving parts lies our passion as bike people who truly understand and constantly seek ways of improving our trailers to provide the best experience.

We have selectively adopted some of the advances of the past forty years in bicycle trailer technology, materials, and engineering.  New wheel sizes, tire offerings, and ride-assist systems such as inertial brakes, are available as options.

Some features, such as our original frame and hitch designs, have remained largely unchanged so that we can continue to deliver the hallmark combination of stability, efficiency, versatility, and ruggedness that CycleTotes are renowned for.

Our commitment to quality, service, and reliability is now serving you, our next generation of customers.