Frequently Asked Questions


Where are CycleTote trailers made?

We are a Colorado company that creates and welds right here in our Fort Collins, Colorado location. Our aluminum comes from a small Colorado mill and the fabric is sewn in Colorado.

Are CycleTote trailers sold in retail stores?

CycleTote is sold only online through our website or by calling us at 1-800-7407. We ship trailers anywhere in the continental US for a flat rate or for free on some models.


Does CycleTote ship outside the US?

We ship all over the world, especially to Canada, Europe and Australia, although the shipping charges, duties and customs can be substantial.
Contact us if you're interested in learning more.


What are the hitch styles?

There are three hitch styles; the seat post hitch that comes in 5 sizes, the rack hitch that attaches to your bicycle's bike rack, and the axle hitch that attaches to your bike's back wheel and has a low profile tow bar.

To find the right seat post hitch for your bike, use the Hitch Measuring Guide under the Manuals heading.

What are conversion kits?

Headings that read Convert a Utility Trailer to a ... provide products that allow you to take a Cycletote Utiltity trailer and change it into a different model. To do this you need either the large (48" long) or the small frame (34" long). Our kits supply all the parts, usually roll bars and fabric, to turn a trailer into a different model. If your frame has 1" plugs of aluminum sticking up from the frame, these can interfere with the new roll bars. Email us some pictures and we will try to help.

Why do you use large wheels and why are there 2 sizes?

Large wheels make the trailer easier to pull. Sometimes I find it so easy, I catch myself checking to see if the trailer is still behind me. We use 26" wheels and 700c wheels so customers can match their bike if they want to. 29er's do not fit on the trailer since the 29er tire is so large that it rubs against the trailer.


How much weight does the auto brakes add to the overall rig?

A pair of Braking wheels and their hardware weigh about 8 lbs more than a trailer with standard wheels.

What is your warranty?

30 days return policy, where you would pay the shipping to return. We offer a lifetime frame warranty with regular use. Contact us for more information.

What is special about your aluminum?

We use Aluminum (Al) 6061 in all of our trailers. This type of aluminum is used in construction of aircraft wings and fuselages, yachts, bicycle frames, fishing reels, and more recently automotive parts such as the chassis of the Audi A8.
By investing in high-quality & touch materials, our trailers can last decades!

are your trailers able to withstand various weather elements?

Our goal is to make trailers that are tough. We've had clients keep trailers outside in Colorado through all four seasons, with no problem. Snow is no problem. A big hailstone could potentially dent the aluminum.
We chose the materials for our trailers to be lightweight, high strength, resistant to abrasion and all types of weather.

why are your trailers more expensive than competitors

We pride ourselves on offering the highest-quality, toughest & safest trailers on the market. Here are just a few reasons why we may be more expensive than other trailers on the market:
  1. Our trailers are designed to carry more weight, safely, than some other brands.
  2. Our trailers are built to last. We know of CycleTote trailers built in the 1970's that are still going strong today!
  3. Customers have trailers with thousands of heavy duty miles on them!
  4. Our proprietary design with 3 interlocking ovals for the base creates great strength & longevity.