Hitch Nut

CycleTote seat post hitch nut with lanyard
CycleTote seat post hitch nut
Hitch Nut for Cycletote

Hitch Nut

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The custom-made hitch nut secures the seat post tow bar to the hitch. It includes a metal strap to loop it around the safety strap. When putting the hitch nut on or removing it, it will remain with the wishbone tow bar. It secures the hitch, which is attached at the seat post, to the tow bar. Easily spins on and off. Learn more below.

Secure the seatpost hitch to the tow bar with the hitch nut. 

If you need the complete hardware set found on the nose (sternum) of the tow bar, go to  Ball Joint Upgrade. You can also choose a New Hitch if needed.

A Brand New Feature

The hitch nut now has a metal strap that loops over the D ring on the tow bar's safety strap.  It allows the hitch nut to spin on and off, but prevents it from dropping on the ground when you are removing it.