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Who’s Using CycleTote?

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“This is by far the best bicycle trailer on the planet!”
John B., Minnesota

“Your product has enabled me to combine two of my loves: my dog, Roxie, and bicycling. It was extremely simple to assemble and has worked without flaw.”
Jeff A., California

“My family purchased a CycleTote over 10 years ago. Great investment!!! My kids have outgrown it, so we loaned it to a friend with 2 babies. The CycleTote works like new. Never any problems. Kids stay safe and dry. Mom and Dad can get hot, wet, thirsty, etc. but the kids want to keep going. Plenty of storage for a small cooler and plenty of liquids. Can’t say enough about them. Beats the doors off of any other bike trailer.”
Mike W., Illinois

“Cycletote is a company that clearly understands what loaded touring really means and fully stands behind a product that is built for that purpose.
Nomadic Justin,

“Using my CycleTote instead of saddle bags increased my average speed over 30% to 17-18 m.p.h. It blew my mind.”
John C., Kentucky

“I really enjoy the advantages of the trailer compared to panniers. A happy customer.”
Birgit Z., New Zealand

“Many people on the bike paths have asked about my new trailer. My enthusiasm about the product is hard to contain!”
John A., California

“I have to say that your customer service is just wonderful. I wish other people treated their customers with as much consideration.”
Cameron B., England

“I would like to extend my most sincere thanks to you for handling my many inquiries so quickly and accurately. You are a credit to the frequently misapplied term ‘customer service’.”
Andrew B., Virginia

“What was most noticeable was the absence of the tug factor. The trailer rolls into curves like a dream. It was so light and didn’t buck at all on corners, and even on hills wasn’t that proverbial drag.”
Bill H., Utah

“Rolling resistance is noticeably lower than competitor’s models I tested.”
Ernie S., California

“The trailer arrived yesterday afternoon and I’ve been smiling ever since. Thanks again for your prompt and generous service and the pleasure to own one of your marvelously designed trailers.”
Bill S., Texas


“CycleTote excels not only in the most important area, safety, but in all other areas that make riding in it and towing one a real pleasure.”
Martin A., Washington

“I have had the family model for over 8 years and it has provided my 3 children with the utmost in safety and comfort. For most of that time it was used by 2 kids at once, plus groceries. I can’t rave about my trailer enough to people.”
Julie T., New York

“Hi. We are the proud owners of your Family Model CycleTote, with the running stroller conversion (which is fantastic). We researched all its safety and construction features and were not disappointed in the quality.”
Dr. Victor B., Florida

“My daughter and I have enjoyed some nice rides together. There’s a good feeling of security with the design & construction of the trailer”
Rick A., Illinois

“This past Saturday, my youngest boy and I did the Escape New York Ride of 100 miles with the New York Cycle Club. Danny behaved himself wonderfully during the 8 hrs. on the ride, drinking milk, eating powerbars and sleeping were his main activities. The CycleTote performed terrific, without any problems at all. I am delighted with it and so are my boys. We are able to do many things together that otherwise would not be possible. Thank you for building such a high quality product.”
John C., New York

“I have to keep looking back to see if the trailer is still there.”
Ron K., Utah

“We have had our trailer for 9 years and love it. It started out as a touring model but this past year (after conversion to the family model) we have been pulling our 3-year-old son exclusively with our tandem. We rode the C&O canal from Cumberland, MD to Georgetown, Washington DC, 184.5 miles through dirty trails and plenty of mud with no problems. Another cyclist quit after 2 days complaining about poor handling. We had very few problems. This is a great trailer. I recommend it to everyone we talk to.”
Steve P., Virginia


Happy Customer

Reviews of dog trailer

“Kayuh gets very excited when we are getting the bikes & the trailer ready and he is very willing to get in… We are also astounded by how much attention the trailer draws. We have had countless positive comments and smiles/laughs when they see Kayuh in the trailer.”
Morry F, BC

“I just got the trailer yesterday, put it together and gave my friend a ride (she is about 100 lbs). It was a lot easier than I thought. I know my dog will love it.”
Andy H., Texas

“Thanks for your exceptional service and for the quality of your Doggy Tote.”
Geoff T., U.K.

“Thanks once again for being the greatest and in providing such a quality product for me and my dogs to enjoy.”
Kate P., Ilinois


Small Cargo Trailer for Shopping

Small Cargo Trailer with Groceries

“I put 60 miles on my cargo trailer the first time out, including 4,500 vertical in our northeast Connecticut hills. The trailer was so quiet and the pull so smooth that I forgot about it for long periods of time, and looked back occasionally to make sure it was still there. This opens up all kinds of possibilities for overnight adventures without a car! How cool (and green) is that! ”
Nate W, Connecticut

“Pulling my gear in your touring model is about 40% easier than with panniers.”
Terry D., Michigan

“We used the CycleTote on the towpath of the C & O Canal and it worked wonderfully! As far as we’re concerned it’s the only way to haul your camping gear while tandeming.”
Lin & Peg R., Pennsylvania

“I have just pulled into Long Beach after a 663-mile trip through the mother lode gold country and over two 7000-foot passes and what seemed like hundreds of roller coaster-type hills. The trailer worked perfectly. On most level ground and on fast down hill runs I could hardly tell the trailer was there. Your trailer is lighter and the center of gravity is so low. There’s nothing on the market that can compare with Cycletote.”
Tyrone N., California

“I received my touring model trailer today! I never thought I would actually enjoy pulling a bike trailer. Why aren’t all trailers made this well??? I’ll recommend CycleTote highly to anyone who asks about it.”
Warren J., California

“We rode our single bikes rather than tandem, so we could each test ride. Only time for 15 miles, then to the grocery store. We loaded the trailer and headed for the hilly area near us. Tested and then went home. Then turned around and headed back to the hilly area to test some more. What a surprise. Could not believe how nice that product of yours is. Finally went back home, still amazed. Then did it again. Hey, the milk would have soured had we stayed out any longer.”
R. T., Viginia


Reviews Built in the USA

Welding a Trailer

“May I say that over four years of constant use and abuse, your carts have performed beautifully. With your utility model handling the needs of the Greenway so well, I can only assume that the average consumer can look forward to many years of satisfaction.”
Jed W., Colorado