CycleTote Bicycle Trailers
517 N. Link Lane Unit B
Fort Collins, CO 80524-4738 USA

Automatic Brake System


The automatic braking system delivers a safe and uniform reduction in speed without noticeable pull on the bicycle. The brakes can be purchased along with your trailer, or they can be added later, with a small amount of out-of-the-box labor. The brakes are an important safety feature when pulling heavier loads, moving at higher speeds, or during emergency stops.



Sturmey Archer alloy drum brake hubs are activated by an actuator built into the tow bar. Using the bikes brakes, or going down hill, pushes the trailer toward the bicycle.  A rod is moved in the actuator, which then pulls the brake cables and slows the trailer.  Automatic braking  wheels are hand built using DT stainless spokes. Brake hubs use a special solid axle but can be retrofitted with an Axle Quick Release option.


Please use the shipping calculator for any package shipped within the U.S. For orders going outside the U.S., please call 1-800-747-2407 for a quote. CycleTote trailers are custom made one trailer at a time, by hand, and shipped upon completion.

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