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    • Cycletote Large dog trailer

      Large Dog or Pet Trailer

      from $799.00

      Large dog trailers carry your dog and supplies while you explore the world on your bike. Fabric fully encloses your pet or you can leave the front and back open.

    • Large bare frame trailer

      Large Utility Trailer

      from $529.00

      Start with CycleTote’s sturdy bike trailer frame and fashion an interior to suit your needs. This bicycle trailer can carry up to 175 pounds.

    • original

      Small Cargo Trailer

      from $543.00

      Tour with your bicycle for months, or haul your gear around town in an enclosed bike trailer.

    • Carry Dogs Up to 100 Pounds

      Small Dog or Pet Trailer

      from $667.00

      Small dog bicycle trailers pulls a dog behind your bike.

    • original

      Small Utility Trailer

      from $429.00

      This rugged and versatile bicycle trailer can be adapted to meet your hauling needs. Our small utility trailer is small only in comparison to its big brother.

    • original

      Special Needs Bike Trailer

      from $1,299.00

      Enjoy biking using this adaptive trailer for a child or young teen with special needs.