Sue Talks about CycleTote in this Video


Sue and Tim purchased CycleTote 6 years ago, but the company has been around for more than 40 years.   Sue talks about CycleTote in this video. In it, she answers Ann’s questions  about the company.

The original owner of CycleTote created the first trailer for his kids.  Over the years, we expanded into trailers for all children, even those with special needs.  The current line up contains  trailers for dogs and cargo.  Many of our customers use their trailer for touring, frequently traveling between 5, 000 to 15,000 miles with their trailer.  The largest trailer has a large expanded aluminum box that is used by landscaping crews or just as a way to carry tools.

Colorado Made

CycleTote manufactures trailers in our shop in Fort Collins.  This shop has been CycleTote’s home since the mid 80’s. It hold saws, benders, grinders, a welder and numerous hand tools.  Each part of the trailer has a specialized jig that lets the fabricators make the part quickly.  Over the years, the jigs have been frequently updated and adjusted.

Each trailer starts as a ball of aluminum.  The mill we work with in Colorado Springs draws out the tubes and rods, the delivers them to us in 16 foot long lengths. Once the 16 foot lengths are delivered, we then cut the correct length for each project and mark the tubes and rods for bending.  Each trailer also needs a small amount of bar stock which becomes wheel drop outs and hitches.

In the shop we have two different benders.  Each one does a specific set of jobs.  For the base of the trailer, we bend 3 continuous loops that have a single weld in each to close up one loop.  Much of the strength inherent in the trailers comes from these overlapping loops.

After bending, the fabricator makes sure everything is true and ready for  welding.  Then, the welder assembles and welds the parts using a TIG welding process.  The base of the trailer becomes one solid, sturdy piece.   The crew finishes the frame  by attaching the frame to any of its extra pieces and cleans off any soot created while welding.

Finally, the trailers are wrapped in a high quality, water resistant fabric.

Sue talks about CycleTote in this video

You can watch the short interview that Sue and Ann recorded in March of 2017, were we chat about the company.  If you have any questions about CycleTote trailers or our company, please call 1-800-747, use the contact page,  or email