CycleTote Bicycle Trailers
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Fort Collins, CO 80524-4738 USA

Dog Trailers

Our Dog Trailers let you take your Best Friend with you on your outings or to your dog-friendly workplaces.

Even if your dog is a runner, our Dog Trailer lets your buddy hop in on those extra-long routes, excessively hot days, or just to take a break.

You’ll also have a take-along shelter with room to store water, food, and frisbees, for when you’ve arrived at your destination.

  • The Large Trailer holds up to 175 pounds of dog and gear
  • The Small Trailer holds up to 100 pounds. Small to medium size dogs will fit comfortably in the small dog bike trailer.
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      Large Dog or Pet Trailer

      from $799.00

      Large dog trailers carry your dog and supplies while you explore the world on your bike. Fabric fully encloses your pet or you can leave the front and back open. Inside, the trailer has a floor for solid footing and a hold-down loop for a short leash. Low rolling resistance provided by the full size tires along with the hitch attachment at the seat post provide a balanced, easy to pull trailer. Carry dogs up to 175 pounds.

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      Small Dog or Pet Trailer

      from $599.00

      Small dog bicycle trailers pull a dog behind your bike. Attachable front and back fabric let you decide how much to enclose your pet with fabric(not shown) . Inside, the trailer has a floor for solid footing and a hold-down loop for attaching a short leash. Your dog rides comfortably on short outing or on multi-day tours. CycleTote's automatic braking system provides a uniform reduction in speed and safer stops. This can be especially important with heavy loads, at higher speeds or for emergency stopping. Another popular option is the stroller add-on.

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